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New Spirit yard due to be officially opened this month

New Spirit yard set to open this month

Nigel Stuart


Spirit Yachts is set to unveil its new, energy efficient build facility on 21st December at its waterside headquarters in Suffolk.  Rt. Hon. Ben Gummer MP will be officially opening the new building, which is adjacent to the current yard.

The new building will have LED lighting, modern heating systems, and efficient insulation and extraction.

Spirit Yachts CEO and head designer, Sean McMillan, adds, “The additional space doubles the size of our existing lamination table, which allows us to increase the number of ringframes that can be built simultaneously, which in turn increases efficiency.”


The new building, shown on the right above, is in the final stages of construction.

With access via a 7.5m x 8m rolling door, the new 750m₂ facility will allow Spirit Yachts to work on yachts up to 150feet long.  The vast entrance will also permit refit and repair work on existing modern classics with their keels on, meaning all projects will be protected from the elements.

To organise a visit to the Spirit Yachts’ headquarters please contact Nigel Stuart on +44 (0)1473 214715 or email [email protected].