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Spirit Yachts announces new partnership with master rum blender Hattiers Rum

Kindred Spirits: Spirit Yachts partners with Hattiers Rum


Established in 2017 and the brainchild of Philip Everett-Lyons, Hattiers Rum came to life after Philip and his wife moved home to Devon with a strong desire to create something of their own in the county that they love.

Fuelled by a passion for life at sea and the West Country’s sea faring legacy, rum was the only choice. But not just any old rum. Good rum. Really good rum.

With a shared commitment for sustainability, craftsmanship and quality, not to mention a love of being on the water, we have partnered with Hattiers Rum to deliver authentic experiences for yachting and rum-drinking enthusiasts.

We sat down with the Hattiers Rum team to find out more about their story and what makes their rums so special.

Talk us through the blending process at Hattiers Rum

The blending process starts with the finest hand picked tropically aged rums, sourced from across the world by our founder and blender Philip Everett-Lyons. 

During the blending process we use water sourced locally from us on Dartmoor, resulting in smooth and unique multi award-winning rums. Naturally filtered by layer upon layer of ancient granite, the soft Dartmoor water balances the alcoholic strength of our base rum and brings it down to bottling strength. We are proud not to use colourants in our rums to make them appear darker and we do not add sugar or flavourings to any of our blends. Our blends are both complex for an experienced sipper and very inviting for a newcomer to rum – dangerously drinkable and exquisitely versatile.

Above: Hattiers Rum founder Philip Everett-Lyons

What do you look for when you are sourcing new rums?

Flavour, flavour and flavour are the first three things we look for. We only source rum from distilleries around the world that produce the finest rums without the addition of sugar, and are totally transparent on their processes. This cuts out many distilleries and hones Philip’s options when sourcing casks.

You recently became the first rum in the UK to achieve B Corp status.  How important is the environment to you and tell us a few things you do to help lower your carbon footprint?

Since our conception in 2017, Hattiers Rum has existed as a benchmark of where we believe great rum should be, all while being uncompromising in our mission to use business as a force for good – being plastic free from day one, becoming the first UK B Corp certified rum, a member of 1% For the Planet, all whilst planting our own woodland as part of our steps towards Net Zero…and we’re not stopping there. 

To achieve certification, we had to provide evidence of socially and environmentally responsible practices – including energy supplies, waste and water use, worker compensation, diversity and corporate transparency.

Consumer attitudes are changing, it is no longer enough for businesses to operate with a “business as usual” attitude and legislation cannot be relied upon alone to enforce policies on companies to operate more sustainably with people and planet in mind. The B Corp mantra has been deeply instilled within our company from the very beginning and it encourages us to continually examine our practices, work proactively and make conscious decisions. We hope that by leading by example, we can be the catalyst for other companies within the spirits industry to make the commitment to join us within the globally respected B Corp family.

These actions may sound simple, but they are not the norm, nor are they an exhaustive list of our proudest achievements. Regardless of what we have conquered to date, we will continue to push our priorities forward across our sustainability pillars; in Community, Environment, People, Packaging & Waste, and Energy.

Can you recommend a Hattiers Rum cocktail?

Of course! We think that the most fitting Hattiers signature cocktail for Spirit Yachts would have to be the ‘Yachting Tot’. This cocktail was created for us by Declan McGurk, Director of Bars at The Savoy in London, where he was widely considered a pivotal figure in bringing the historically important American Bar at the Savoy back to the forefront of the global bar industry. However, if it is something more simple to be drunk onboard then a ‘Devon Storm’, our twist on a ‘Dark ‘N’ Stormy’, is a must!

Click here for Hattiers Rum cocktail recipes

Why did you partner with Spirit Yachts?

At Hattiers we have a passion for sustainability and an affinity for life at sea. Sailing is in our blood and it is also where the first concept of Hattiers Rum was conceived. 

One of the many reasons why we have partnered with Spirit Yachts is because we greatly admire the lengths they go to produce yachts that are not only stunningly beautiful but they have sustainability at the heart of everything they do with an excellent team at the helm, much like we do.

Our shared ethos, love for the ocean and fine rum makes for a harmonious and perfectly balanced partnership – one that we wholeheartedly celebrate.