Handcrafted wooden yachts

Built by a team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen in Spirit’s waterside base in Suffolk.

Modern classic design

Smooth, elegant lines and timeless looks incorporated with the latest in modern technology.

Cruising & racing performance

Strong yet lightweight, with carbon spars, the latest rigging and sails, Spirits race competitively in classic regattas worldwide.

Beauty, style & performance

Welcome to Spirit Yachts

Home of the modern classic yacht

World leaders in modern classic yacht design, Spirit Yachts has a portfolio of wooden sail and power yachts from 37 foot to 100 foot+. Built using wood/epoxy construction, Spirit’s contemporary, performance yachts stay true to classic styling and incorporate the latest in modern technology.

Famed for timeless beauty combined with racing performance and structural integrity, Spirits can be seen competing in classic regattas and cruising in bays all around the world. Whether it’s day sailing, long distance blue water cruising, or performance racing, Spirit’s range of sail and power yachts offers ultimate flexibility. The possibility of a custom project also provides opportunity for innovation and creativity.

Unlike many yacht builders, Spirit carries out both the design and build process in-house at its waterside headquarters in Suffolk.  With designers and builders in one location, communicating and working side by side, Spirit is able to offer customers a seamless journey from the design stage to the launch of the finished yacht.

The modern classic yacht

Classic design teamed with modern technology

Spirit Yachts is globally recognised for its modern classic yacht design and has built a reputation for timeless style complemented by quality and performance.  The ingenuity of a Spirit is the combination of old and new; classic design incorporated with the latest modern technology.

Spirit Yachts CEO and head designer, Sean McMillan, has pioneered the design and build of modern classic yachts using wood epoxy construction.  Spirit’s iconic long overhangs, low freeboards, and swept teak decks are at the forefront of the modern classic industry. At Spirit, sophisticated, timeless design comes with the finest quality wood and craftsmanship.  Built by hand, Spirit’s yachts incorporate a range of different timbers; from mahogany to Douglas fir, teak and Brazilian sapele.

All Spirits are eligible to race in the Spirit of Tradition class at classic regattas worldwide and many owners compete annually with extremely successful results.  The criteria for the Spirit of Tradition class require yachts to be designed with a classical look and be built using modern techniques and materials.  Spirit of Tradition yachts must also demonstrate excellent craftsmanship on deck and in the hull, however they may have modern underbodies and appendages and use the latest technology in their rigs.