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World leaders in modern classic yacht design and build, Spirit Yachts has a portfolio of wooden sail and power yachts ranging from day sailors to superyachts.

Famed for timeless beauty combined with racing performance and structural integrity, Spirit Yachts are built using the highest quality, sustainable timber sealed with epoxy.  This method of construction, combined with Spirit Yachts’ iconic flush decks and clean lines, creates lightweight, performance yachts that turn heads wherever they go.

Spirit Yachts can be seen competing in classic regattas and cruising in bays all over the world. Whether it’s day sailing, long distance blue water cruising, or performance racing, Spirit’s range of sail and power yachts offers ultimate flexibility. Whilst Spirit has an existing range of designs, the possibility for a custom project is always open.

Unlike many yacht builders, Spirit Yachts conducts both the design and build process in-house at its waterside headquarters in Suffolk.  With designers and builders in one location, communicating and working collaboratively, Spirit is able to offer customers a seamless journey from the design stage to the launch of the finished yacht.

The modern classic yacht

Classic design teamed with modern technology

Classic design teamed with modern technology

Modern: characterized by or using the most up-to-date techniques, ideas, or equipment*

Classic: judged over a period of time to be of the highest quality and outstanding of its kind*

A Spirit Yacht embodies the essence of a modern classic yacht: timeless, elegant style incorporated with the latest technology to create a yacht of exceptional quality and performance.

Spirit Yachts has pioneered the design and build of modern classic yachts using wood epoxy construction.  Each yacht is built using the finest quality, sustainably-sourced timber by a team of international and highly skilled boat builders with a passion for detail.  Whilst each yacht can be customised to suit an owner, every design stays true to Spirit’s iconic long overhangs, low freeboards and flush decks.

All Spirits are eligible to race in the Spirit of Tradition class at classic regattas worldwide and many owners compete annually with successful results.  The criteria for the Spirit of Tradition class require yachts to be designed with a classical look and be built using modern techniques and materials.  Spirit of Tradition yachts must also demonstrate excellent craftsmanship on deck and in the hull, however they may have modern underbodies and appendages and use the latest technology in their rigs.

*Oxford Dictionary