Spirit Yachts

Masters of the modern classic

A passionate lifelong sailor and skilled yacht designer, Sean McMillan founded Spirit Yachts in 1993.  After thousands of sea miles delivering boats all around the globe, Sean had a clear vision: to build the most beautiful yachts with a focus on performance in wood.

Now, we’re a team of more than 50 expert boat builders and engineers with an enviable portfolio of wooden sail and power yachts, designed for both performance racing and blue water cruising.

Our yachts are all built at our waterside Ipswich premises by our diverse multi-skilled team who carefully handcraft yachts ranging from 37’ to more than 110’, in one of the largest yards for wooden boat building in the world.

We pioneered the stainless steel reinforcement cage in a wooden structure, using new techniques and technology to create strong but lightweight yachts, and continue to innovate as we challenge preconceptions of wooden boat building.

Elegant, hand-drawn designs evolve into flawless 3D concepts using the very latest state-of-the-art software overseen by our in-house Naval Architects.

From specialist engineers and electricians to our meticulous finishers who hand-varnish each build, our world-class team see each project through from beginning to end.

Our passion for boat building is only rivalled by our passion for sailing and racing, and the Spirit Yachts team with Sean at the helm is regularly seen competing – and, more often than not, winning – on the water.

A Spirit yacht is truly unique. Each exquisitely designed for beauty and performance and hand-built by a team of skilled and passionate sailors, we are proud to be fulfilling Sean’s vision every day.

Combined with many years of experience, Spirit’s holistic approach offers a unique combination of creativity, innovation, practicality and excellent customer service.

“Spirit is an appropriate name for the yard. Its relative youth, however, means that its ethos easily embraces the strengths of old and new techniques, building true modern classics.”

- Boat International on Spirit Yachts