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The new Spirit 30 is a day sailor with an eco difference

New Spirit 30 in build

Nigel Stuart


Responding to demand for a day sailor designed for coastal or lake sailing, Spirit Yachts is currently building a new Spirit 30.  The yacht has the timeless lines of all Spirit’s modern classic sailing yachts, with long overhangs and uncluttered decks.  Her light displacement (1.4tonnes) and performance rig deliver optimum cruising speeds or the opportunity for competitive racing.

Spirit Yachts managing director Nigel Stuart commented, “The Spirit 30 was designed following several approaches about a versatile day sailor, particularly suited to European lake sailing.  The project also presented a good opportunity for us to challenge some of the products we currently use in construction and look for more eco-friendly replacements.”

The hull of the Spirit 30 was built using Sipo Mahogany ring frames and Douglas fir planking, all from sustainably managed forests.  Instead of a fibreglass external skin, Spirit Yachts used flax material, which was bonded to the hull using a new bio-based epoxy by PRO-SET®.

Above: laying the flax and sealing with bio resin

Nigel Stuart added, “Following several tests, we were comfortable using the flax and bio resin combination to seal the hull.  The long term goal is to be able to use bio-based adhesives on the structural elements of the yacht.”

Above: cutting the flax material

The Spirit 30 currently in build houses a Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 FP electric drive system powered by lithium ion batteries (2 x 48-5000) and a Torqeedo 650W battery charger.  Durable, smooth and sustainable Lignia decking gives way to a Sipo Mahogany cockpit with tiller steering.  Rigging is nitronic rod rigging complemented by carbon fibre mast and spars.  All sail controls and halyards are led through the mast to below deck and controlled from one central electric winch via clutches forward of the centre thwart.

In the Spirit yard, the hull of the Spirit 30 is now complete and has been rolled over to allow for interior fit out to begin ahead of constructing the cockpit and laying the deck.

Above: inside of the hull ready for fit out

At only 9.15m long with a displacement of 1.4tonnes, the Spirit 30 can easily be transported on a road trailer, adding to the versatility of this simple yet classically beautiful yacht.

To enquire about the new Spirit 30, contact [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1473 214715.

See below for the build process on the Spirit 30.

Sipo Mahogany ring frames are placed into a strongback structure

Douglas fir planks are laid horizontally onto the strongback, creating the hull shape.

The hull is then faired, sanded and covered with a coat of epoxy to seal the planking.

Measuring and cutting the flax material.

The flax is laid on the hull and sealed with PRO-SET® bio resin.  

The whole hull is then repeatedly covered in flax and sealed with the bio resin.

Once the hull has been covered in several layers of flax and resin, it is vacuum bagged to allow it all to cure.

Once it has been filled, faired and painted, the hull is put in a crane to be rolled ‘the right way up’.

The hull is then rolled over ready for internal fit out to begin.