The team at Spirit Yachts takes pride in its exceptional after-sales service and all owners benefit from on-going support and practical assistance worldwide. Spirit offers long-distance support for minor queries or, in the unlikely event of any significant problems, on-location repairs can be undertaken by the skilled professionals from Spirit.

A common misconception associated with Spirit yachts is the level of maintenance required, particularly regarding the clear wood finishes. This may have been onerous twenty years ago, but modern coating products used by Spirit Yachts mean owners can relax in the knowledge their yachts will stand the test of time with maintenance levels on a par with GRP yachts.

Tom Aiken, skipper of Spirit 100’ Gaia, commented, “We varnish Gaia every two years, which is pretty good considering the amount of time Gaia spends in the sun and all racing we do. There are also simple things we do on Gaia to reduce wear and tear; for example, staining the varnish and putting a lacquer on top as a protective layer, which allows us to polish out any scratches. Cap rail and coach roof covers and also limits UV damage.”